Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heroes of the Dalish 1: Apollo of the Soul

~~The Soul Child~~

Born without sight, Apollo grew up under the tender care of his mother in the Great House Serendipity, where he was taught not to be ashamed of his condition, but use it as an opportunity to become a great innovator and develop his mental capacity for the greater good of the community. He showed great mental prowess, even at a young age, and quickly surpassed his mentors. Harvey Lushwood took notice of it and began the creation of the Thinking Rock so that their best and brightest thinkers had a place to reflect and learn.

When he became of age, Apollo came to the Thinking Rock to meditate. He meditated for a time, until a voice entered his mind. The voice, melded from a million voices said, "Apollo: do not be afraid, for we shall not hurt you, we shall deliver you in time."

"Who are you?" he asked.

"We are the voices of Harken, we are the souls of the past, and we are the latchkey to the future."

"What do you wish of me, a man with no sight? How could I possibly be of any service to you?"

"Those who see can not truly see what lies beneath. It is no coincidence you are who you are and you are where you are. You will help guide you're people to their destiny. You will be the one to help the Turning Catalyst complete the Weaving. You will gain the sight to see reason, where none appears to exist. You will be great, Soul Child, and soon you shall find true meaning."

"What does this mean, you speak in riddles, I know not why!"

"Because the truth mean more when confirmed by your own conclusions. The Turning Catalyst will seek you out, you will know him by his voice, for he speaks for all of us. You will know him to be true, and when you find this, follow him and we will make all known. Now sleep, young Apollo. Your destiny awaits you."

Confused and disturbed by this encounter, Apollo left the Rock with more questions than he had ever dreamed of having. he had hoped that the Turning Catalyst, whoever he was, would make his purpose clear.

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