Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Withering I: Genesis Exerpt

At last, the cave to the east was completed. Neil stood proudly over his people's creation, throwing down the last stone bearing their efforts.

"This day is a momentous one," he cried to his laborers, "as we break free of the walls that bind us. It is our time, our place in this world, to conquer nature and begin, finally begin, to experience all that this world offers us," Met by the cheers of his people, Neil stepped down.

As the people celebrated then returned to work, Harvey Lushwood approached. "Hail, Neil! This is a wonderful day indeed. This marks the turning point for The Dalish,"

"Hail, Harvey. Yes it does. However we can't rest now. There is still much work to be done,"

Harvey noded in agreement. "Quite. The Denland is starting to grow, this is good. We are seeing surpluses in food, this is a rich time for us."

"Yes, Harvey. But you know I could not have done this without you," said Neil, placing his hand on Harveys shoulder. "The Dalish would not be where they are today if it weren't for your leadership and courage. Don't look at me like that, Neil Endari is not one to take glory for himself.

"We built this place together, Harvey. Just look at it. Serendipity is thriving, and now with Denland to the south, we have the food supply for a larger settlement. You and I have defended our home from the Beasts, and have fought side by side. You have grown into one of the most important friends I have. Because of this, I'm leaving Serendipity to you."

"Neil, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I need a strong right hand to lead our people in the development of our cities. Its now your duty to oversee The Dalish home-city."

"And what will become of you?" Asked Harvey.

"I will search out new territory and look for others like us, for we are not the only people in this land, of that, i am certain. I will build our armies and found new settlements. While i am away i need someone i can trust, and that person is you."

With that, Neil Endari gathered his men and disappeared into the dark of the tunnel, leaving Harvey Lushwood to find his destiny.


  1. This is awesome. Can't wait for more, bro

  2. I love people that do little narratives, Its just so interesting hearing people's stories.

  3. Thanks, guys. More is definitely in the works. :)