Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Letters of the Dalish 1

Apollo of the Soul
Were it possible to route the leylines... Neil Endari: you hold the power. There is an aura about you, one that I cannot fathom. But it is clear that you are, were, and will always be the key to our salvation. You are as Harken said: you are the Turning Catalyst. This is a great duty unto you, and trust that you will never be alone as you were those first days. Many a great man and being will travel with you wherever you go, providing assistance and companionship, including myself, Soul Child. For through our strong ties and bonds of friendship will you find the key to unlocking your inner potential. I have meditated long and hard on this. I believe this to be a fact, take it as you will. Trust in Harken, Turning Catalyst Endari, for he represents the best in all of us.

Harvey Lushwood
Many things have changed since your departure, Neil. You've changed with the knowledge gained, yet I see in your eyes that you are no different than you were when we found our Serendipity. This is good, but I see trying times ahead, friend. Hopefully the woes of war will not cloud your judgment on the ruling of our people. All is well here and will be well much longer if you would allow it. Please, rest well, knowing your stake is well saved. Harken watch us.

The Gatekeeper
During the watch of the bushless plains, I many a strange thing happen at night. I see the eyes staring. It will not be enough for us to keep watch by ourselves, for I fear a great assault about to take place. I worry that our trounce of the wolves at Stone Signis has disrupted the flow of the natural order here. They may possess more intelligence than previously thought. It is on this note that i request an additional garrison to put my mind at ease. Harken watches us, but soon, I'm afraid, there won't be much left to watch.

Harvey Lushwood
Gatekeeper, hold fast, your letter of urgency will not go unheard. The brave men of Denland move tonight, will arrive shortly after you receive this. I've heard also from Endari, who will be returning shortly to resupply for his travels. No doubt when he passes through Harken's Door, inform him of the situation, citing this letter. He is a fair man who will hear your pleas. Inform your master that i wish him to report to me in the near future, and may Harken favor you.

Neil Endari
Harvey, we lost more men in a recent engagement with some local wolves terrorizing a peaceful village on our great mountain. Their names, like the others, are to he inscribed into the Tunnel, as per or customs. Names: Dexter Sigma, Fredrick Andro, Alius Durn, Fax Sensim, Oli Azwold, Jeremiah Vega, and Constant Dent. See that they are honored as we do. I plan on returning, rest assured, you will see your friend soon.

Hear me, young Endari. The wind whispers my words through the living canopy of the tree line, making my poetry known to those who listen. I am not alone, believe that you are never alone, for even on the farthest peaks at the ends of Eden, my voice will ring just as strong for you as it does here. The surface you step on is alive with the souls of the past, manifest into us. We are all connected in life, as we are in death. Believe: death is not the end. Believe, and help your men to do the same. Continue onward, young Endari, and reflect on these words, and you shall find your purpose.

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